About Us


If you find a Bambooni, you’ll have luck and blessings for as long as you care for them! The challenge is, very few people have ever found a Bambooni. 

Bambooni’s have been around for thousands of years and are the guardians of earth and life. If you are ever lucky enough to find and care for a Bambooni, your life will be filled with luck and blessings. In fact, if you go back in time, you will find most anyone who had become successful or famous also had a Bambooni in their life.

Bambooni’s come from the magical bamboo Forests located all around the world, and they venture out and live among us humans as well. Their goal, protect and help those in need! All Bambooni’s have the power to communicate with plants, animals, and insects, but some Bambooni’s have extraordinary special magical powers (SMP) and can do things like: fast travel, time travel, time freeze, weather control, electric charge, water control, invisibility, levitation, and much much more. No Bambooni has more than one SMP, but they do have the power to share their powers with others, which is proof that teamwork is the best way to overcome challenges.

Stay tuned, because there is so much more to come!